WebFS Introduction

What is WebFS?
  • WebFS provides secure file transfer capabilities between RHI, Protiviti, Clients, and Vendors.
What can I share?
  • You may share files with anyone as long as it is appropriate for business purposes and complies with RHI policies. Please carefully consider the information that you share and note that all activity is logged and monitored.
How do I get started?
  • Just go to WebFS.Protiviti.com. RHI/Protiviti employees should use their Windows user name and password to log in. Certain RHI and Protiviti employees are automatically provided a personal file share in WebFS. Other employees will be provided a link to request a WebFS share.
  • To request an account for a client or vendor, please contact iServices Support.
  • Click the Help button on any page to get more information about that page. Additional links can be found on every help page.
  • The WebFS Tutorial. Additional info can be found on the WebFS Frequenty Asked Questions page.
How long can I keep my files on WebFS?
  • WebFS is for TEMPORARY STORAGE ONLY! WebFS has become increasingly popular and in order to support our broad user base it is necessary to carefully manage storage. Each night WebFS permanently deletes any files that have been inactive for more than 90 days. After 30 days of inactivity, files appear in the "Recycle Bin (Files Pending Delete)" section on WebFS. Email notifications are sent 30, 7, and 1 day prior to permanently deleting files in WebFS.
  • Please note that WebFS shares that have been empty for more than 180 days are automatically deleted. Email notifications are sent 30, 7, and 1 day prior to permanently deleting shares in WebFS.
How do I prevent a file from being automatically deleted in WebFS?
  • Click the "Un-Delete" button next to any file in the recycle bin to renew the file and allow it another 90 days of inactivity prior to deletion. Please see the screenshot below.
  • Uploading, downloading or moving a file counts as activity and will prevent the file from being deleted for an additional 90 days.
What about a long term storage solution?
  • Protiviti iServices also provides the iServices Collaboration Portal (iCP). iCP provides a Wiki, Blog, long term file storage and many other features for managing projects with clients.
  • For more information about iCP go to: iServices Collaboration Portal.
  • To request an iCP space for your group, please contact iServices Support.