WebFS Features

  • WebFS provides secure file transfer capabilities between RHI, Protiviti, Clients, and Vendors.
  • WebFS maintains multiple file "Shares". Each Share has an owner called the "Share Lead". Additional users may be added to Shares as "Members".
  • WebFS provides fine-grained control over who may upload, download or delete files.
  • WebFS is for temporary storage only. By default, WebFS will automatically delete files that have not been accessed for 60 days. Notification emails are sent out 30 days, 7 days, and 1 day before permanently deleting files. Shares will automatically be deleted if they remain empty for more than 180 days.
Accessing WebFS
  • WebFS has four levels of access: Administrator, Share Lead, Share Member, and Anonymous.
  • Admins have complete control over WebFS.
  • Share Leads have permission to "own" a Share and have almost complete control over Shares that they own. Certain RHI employees are permitted to be Share Leads. Those with permission are automatically given a "Personal Share" when they log in to WebFS for the first time. Those without permission may submit a service desk ticket here or call Technical Support. If approved, they will be given Share Lead permission and a Share will be created for them.
  • Share Members have permission to log in to WebFS and use Shares that they are assigned to by the Share Lead or an Admin. Share Leads may add any RHI employee as a Member of their Share. External Clients and Vendors may be added to a share by working with their Protiviti Engagement Lead to submit a service ticket for an account. If approved, an Admin will create an external account and grant permission to use WebFS.
  • Share Leads and Members may belong to multiple Shares at the same time and easily switch between them.
Downloading Files
  • Files can be downloaded individually by simply clicking on the file name.
  • Multiple files and even entire folder structures can be downloaded at once by selecting the files or folders and clicking the Download Selected button. A single zip file is automatically generated and downloaded.
Uploading Files
  • Files can be organized within folders and an unlimited depth of nested subfolders.
  • Multiple files can be uploaded at a time.
  • Multiple files and folders can be uploaded as a single zip file. Zip files may then be "Un-Zipped" on WebFS which will extract the files and folders.
  • Real-time upload status is provided, so users know exactly how much of their file has been uploaded to the server.
  • Versioning can be enabled on a Share by Share basis and will store every version of a file uploaded to the server.
  • If versioning is enabled, all previous file versions can be easily downloaded.
  • Share Leads and Members can create temporary anonymous file drop boxes. This will provide a link that can be e-mailed to others so they can upload files to the Share without needing their own account. Files uploaded this way will automatically go to a special Anonymous Uploads folder for easy identification.
  • E-mail notifications can optionally be sent out to inform a user when a file has been uploaded to a drop box.
Security Features
  • Permissions within each Share can be tightly controlled at the file or folder level. This includes read, write, delete, and the ability to manage permissions. The Share Lead automatically has full permissions to the share which can't be taken away.
  • All files are encrypted with 256 bit AES encryption, certified by the government to protect data up to Top Secret.
  • Each Share has its own individual encryption key.
  • All uploads and downloads are encrypted with TLS to and from the server.
  • Integrates with Active Directory for user authentication, so consultants don't have yet another password to remember.
  • MD5 hashes of every file are created so users can verify the integrity of an upload or download.
  • All files are stored in the same physical directory on the server. Instead of human readable file names, all files are named with f_ followed by a numeric identifier. This means that at the physical file level, it is impossible to tell what is in any given file or even what Share it belongs to. This is on top of the 256 bit AES encryption.
  • Virus scanning is performed using ClamAV. Files larger than 100MB are not scanned. Email notifications of uploaded files specify for each file whether virus scanning was performed and, if so, whether a virus was detected. If a virus is detected, the file is deleted immediately and the user is notified on screen.
Reports and Logs
  • Users can view the usage statistics for Shares they are members of. This includes things like storage and bandwidth used.
  • Other account information such as name and email address is managed in Active Directory but may be viewed in WebFS.
  • Comprehensive logging of all user actions.
  • Context sensitive help for every page.
  • Users can also setup their account to receive a e-mail notification when the following events occur:
    • files are uploaded
    • files are downloaded
    • files are deleted from the Share
    • when permissions are changed
    • when files are scheduled to be deleted due to inactivity
    • when an empty Share is scheduled to be deleted due to inactivity
    • The share lead is automatically set to receive expiration notifications.

For further assistance: Clients, please contact your Protiviti Engagement Lead; Internal users, please submit a service desk ticket here or call Technical Support